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Website Basics

Enhance your sustainability skills. Give your career an edge in IT Sectors.


An easy, step-by-step guide from a web developer.

About this course: In this course, you will learn three key website programming and design languages: HTML, CSS and JavaScript. You will create a web page using basic elements to control layout and style. Additionally, your web page will support interactivity.

At the end of the course, you will be able to:
  • Define the purpose of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Make a simple web page using HTML.
  • Use CSS to control text styles and layout.
  • Use CSS libraries such as Bootstrap to create responsive layouts.
  • Use JavaScript variables and functions.
  • Manipulate web page content using JavaScript.
  • Respond to user input using JavaScript

An introduction to domain names, web servers, and website hosting.

We will train Simple Steps to Make Your Own Website
  • How to Choose a website building platform
  • How to Choose a domain name.
  • Setup, design and tweak your website.
  • How to Host the Website.
  • How to integrate payment gateway.
Media Planning & Buying

Media planning in advertising is the making of decisions to deliver a message to the target audience. Media planning is one of the four key disciplines within advertising, along with account management, brand planning and developing creative. Typically, media planning is a role that falls to an outside agency most of the time

The Process

  • Market analysis.
  • Establishing the media objective.
  • Setting the strategy.
  • Implementation.
  • Evaluation and follow-up.
Establishing the Media Objective
  • Media objective
  • Reach.
  • Frequency.
  • Cost.
  • Penetration.
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