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Affiliate and Digital Marketing

The Affiliate Marketing course is designed for those involved in digital marketing who want to get the very best results from their affiliate marketing budget.

The Objective to How to make money online being a part/full time freelancer by practicing affiliate marketing Understand the principles of affiliate marketing and learn how to create, structure and implement an affiliate programme that adds genuine value to your organization

What is online affiliate marketing?
  • The mechanics and ecosystem of affiliate marketing.
  • Roles of merchants, the affiliate network, and the client.
  • The benefits and drawbacks of affiliate marketing.
  • What affiliate marketing can/can’t achieve.
  • Where the channel derived from.
  • Affiliate marketing in India vs. other countries.
Planning a fully integrated affiliate marketing channel
  • Setting objectives, budgeting and devising an affiliate marketing strategy
  • Deciding how to manage an affiliate channel: an agency, network managed services, self-managed and/or OPMs.
Making affiliate marketing work for you
  • Types of affiliates: technology (display, retargeting, pre-targeting, overlay), loyalty, discount, content, search.
  • What affiliates are the best for your business.
  • Protecting your brand online.
  • Integrating affiliate programmes within your wider marketing strategy.
  • What data am I monitoring; going global - what to consider.
You will learn to
  • Understand the principles, benefits and pitfalls of affiliate marketing.
  • Identify which types of affiliates are best for your business.
  • Develop an effective affiliate marketing strategy.
  • Measure and evaluate your affiliate marketing programme.
  • Integrate affiliate marketing into your wider marketing activity.
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